I’ve been thinking about this for a few days and we still know so little about the show after 7×03 that it’s hard to come up with something that seems reasonable, but for some reason I don’t think Amy snaps in 7×03 and leaves Selina to join Jonah just because Dan is a shirt. Amy is tough, so maybe it’s something else, maybe something she never had to deal with. From 7×02 promo we know that Selina and Gary find it funny that she’s pregnant, but their behaviour is nothing new. I always though Amy would leave because of a combination of Dan and Selina being horrible to her but at least in the first episode of season 7 it doesnt look like Dan was saying those things to actually hurt her, he didn’t want to deal with it and being the selfish person that he is he acted that way. (which is not ok). And Selina…I think she’s so caught up in her campaing – and we have less episodes – that being horrible to Amy doesn’t seem like her priority, narratively speaking, I don’t see the writers “wasting” screentime with this. So my theory: Dan continues with his 7×01 behaviour, I still have so much doubt about the skipping rocks scene, it could happen in so many diferent ways. He asks “Ames, am I getting old?” and it seems too early for him to realise he wants something more, especially since this is the biggest plot of the season, and as many people said: he is a slow leaner, he needs to be without Amy to really realise – or admit to himself -that he misses her, that he wants to be with her. Maybe they get interruped or this conversation is just the start he needs. Reid Scott said that this was his favorite scene so I bet we’re gonna see a side of Dan we have never seem before but we won’t get any answers, like I said, it’s too early for that. For some reason, I think Amy decides to get an abortion, not because Dan told her to, or because she wants to, but because she’s hurt. And that’s when the road trip happens, and I do believe it’s impossible to be in a car with someone for hours without really talking so my guess is that they bond, kinda the way they did with the name in 7×01 (even tho it only lasted 2 seconds), and they get used to the idea of having a kid together without telling the other in those words because duh, it’s dan and amy, and continue their roadtrip. We know there’s gonna be two scenes in the clinic, right? I dont remember where I read this. When they arrive there – with a different mindset, maybe amy says she doesn’t wanna do this in the first clinic scene – they find out she had a miscarrige and that’s what makes her snap and leave Selina. We, as a audience, know that she wants to have the baby so she doesn’t know how to deal with this, especially since it wouldn’t be her choice so she leaves, she doesn’t want to be around Dan, maybe realises she was wasting her life working with Selina and chooses to work with Jonah because it wouldnt be so personal if he wins or loses. There’s still too many details that I have no idea how to organize in a theory… 

It seems too dramatic but dark enough for veep, what do you guys think? @casliyn @wecouldstillbegreat @thebookofmaev @atouchofireland

It’s so hard to organize all the tiny bits of info we get into an actual storyline. But based on the instagram video where people saw a scene written for Dan & Amy in 7×03, Amy’s already decided to leave/left Selina when her and Dan check into the hotel in Massachusetts. 

So, we know something at the end of that episode also causes her to leave Dan because he’s pictured with Selina’s people in 7×04. I’ve thought maybe there’s a miscarriage too, but it seems unlikely with the fact that there are 2 abortion clinic scenes. Thankfully, Tim said Dan and Amy are attached at the hip and we’ve seen Dan pictured with Richard and Jonah, so it’s safe to say Dan’s probably joined her side by 7×05.

From what we know, the timeline will most likely be: Amy decides to leave Selina by end of 7×02, Amy & Dan go to have the abortion in 7×03 and whatever happens causes her to break off from him, Dan’s still stuck on Selina’s campaign in 7×04 and Amy appears on TV and is probably working for Jonah, Dan weasels his way back into Amy’s life by getting Jonah to hire him, (full speculation on this part) 7×05-7×07 is Dan and Amy working as a team again but also actually connecting and she ends up pregnant again then the flash forward happens and we meet their daughter.

On a practical point, it seems unlikely to me that Amy could have a miscarriage at this stage of pregnancy – which we’re assuming is somewhere around 16-18 weeks – without being aware of it.  

Admittedly, Veep is fudging the timeline enough that this may not be a decisive factor for the writers, but as I know from the experience of close friends, a miscarriage after four months of pregnancy is extremely painful.  (Most miscarriages – a full quarter of all pregnancies end in miscarriage – happen earlier on in the pregnancy, before three months.  While it does happen, to miscarry at Amy’s point of pregnancy is to be very unlucky). 

If they were to go with that angle, I think it would be more likely that there is some kind of developmental issue with the pregnancy that means it will not be successful, but has not yet resulted in a miscarriage.

Amy’s new look debuts in 7.04, so I think it’s safe to say whatever happens in 7.03 is decisive.