Hi :) What happens if Amy meets Dan's bro…

Hi 🙂 What happens if Amy meets Dan's brother and they begin to grow on each other and finally start dating? What would Dan do in this situation?

I’ve got a really detailed fic prompt somewhere about Amy dating Dan’s brother (like, really detailed) which does make me wonder a bit.

Is this a thing because you’re all picturing Ben Feldman playing the brother?

Anyway, I really don’t think this would happen – we know Amy’s opinion on sleeping with the sibling of someone she’s had sex with, which is, and I quote, “Gross.”

As for Dan – well, since his default response to Amy paying romantic attention to any man who isn’t him is petulant jealousy, I think we can guess what his reaction would be.

He also tends to go into denial of the idea that Amy would ever, ever be seriously interested in someone that wasn’t him, so I doubt he would ever acknowledge his brother as a serious threat.

Though who knows – maybe his brother is worse.