Do we know for sure that dan and Amy will work…

Do we know for sure that dan and Amy will work for Jonah? Sorry I’m a little behind on spoilers

We know that Amy will, as it’s been mentioned in episode reviews and we’ve seen pictures of her with Jonah. (Trying to get Anna Chlumsky and Timothy Simmons into the same shot must have been fun for the cameraman). So, I think we can be pretty certain of that one.

As for Dan, I think it’s more up in the air. From memory (and I’m calling again on @wecouldstillbegreat to correct me here) he virtually disappears from the behind the scenes pics after the debate episode – which I think is 7.03 – bar one picture of him with Amy in Jonah’s mother’s house from the end of the season, and another of him with Selina in what I think is the South Carolina episode (7.04).

Now, it’s possible he is with Selina and, for whatever reason, we just haven’t seen him – but Timothy Simmons mentioned in interview that Dan and Amy are joined at the hip this season, so it seems reasonable to assume he winds up on Jonah’s campaign as well. I can’t see either Tom James or Buddy hiring him, and I don’t think we’ve heard anything about Danny Chung getting back into the race.

This would mean BKD would effectively cease to exist, which seems a shame, as I thought there was a lot of story potential there – but you never know, maybe they’ll pull a rabbit out of a hat.