The funny thing is, after watching the episode…

The funny thing is, after watching the episode, I have more hope. you were right about Repression being the theme. You could tell Dan actually liked the idea of Amy and baby, but the. He got scared and repressed that feeling and went right back to asshole Dan.

SEE? Ya girl knows what the fuck she’s talking about, lol.

That moment at the door with Amy finally exploding with what she’s been holding in for a few months was enough for Dan to realize ‘Oh shit, she probably wants to keep the damn thing’ but, in typical Dan Egan fashion instead of CONFRONTING that conversation and their feelings, he got scared and did what he does best to try his best to forget all of that.

I thought (I could be wrong for all I know) that there was a scene written where AFTER the talk, Dan goes back to his room and is like visibly shook at the whole thing and like you think he’s going to open the door to talk to her again…but he pulls out his phone to call Mike for his Boss’s number or something. It’s obvious they scrapped this scene before they could even film it to help the flow of the episode!