someone stop me going through veep and noting down every time Dan calls Amy ‘Ames’ to see if theres a reason behind it. 

Okay so i checked each script and as far as i can find there is 4 times Dan calls Amy ‘Ames’. I don’t know if it means anything but i’ve listed the below.

  • “You falling behind there Ames?”– in the middle of their battle for campaign manager- 3×05
  • We can trap and truss him, right Ames?”– Dan introducing Amy to Sydney Purcell 4×06
  • “Hey Ames, whose your favourite character on Downton?-  Dan after interviewing Buddy and Amy- 6×03
  • “Oh, Ames.
    Uh listen, I just don’t know if I’m ready to be a daddy to anyone”

This is the kind of high-level textual analysis nerdery that warms my heart.

But I think it speaks to Dan using the nickname not so much for intimacy, as the…performance of it. Annoying her in 3.05 by presuming more familiarity than she’s comfortable with – demonstrating their ‘team work’ to Sidney – reassuring himself that he knows her better than Buddy.

And of course in 7.01, it has the appearance of being a conversation, but he isn’t actually engaging with anything she said, barely even waiting for her to respond.