I’ve prob just read too much fic but if …

I’ve prob just read too much fic but if this baby plotline doesn’t end with Dan deciding to be a devoted dad and partner to Amy because of the optics of it for both of their careers, I will be very disappointed.

I think Dan is too firmly in “lalala I’m ignoring you” mode to have given the politics of the situation much thought.

Part of it, I think, is that he’s not really sure what he wants – he’s like a lot of people his age, he’s hit a point in his career where there’s no obvious next step, and because all Dan has ever done is pursue power, he doesn’t actually have something specific that he wants.

It does surprise me on some level that he hasn’t considered politics – between his political experience and name recognition following CBS, you think he’d be a shoe-in for a congressional race somewhere.

But fundamentally, I think he’s hoping that if he just ignores the situation long enough and hard enough, Amy will have an abortion and nothing will ever have to change. It’s very Peter Pan.

Now, I tend to think that, when circumstances force him to, Dan is going to choose the Amy option over the no-Amy option, but he’s going to dance around and avoid making that choice for as long as humanly possible.

However, once he’s made that choice (and with this show, that may not be until halfway through episode 7) then I think we can be certain he will start considering all the ways he can manipulate the optics of the situation to his advantage. Think of the use Jonah’s getting out of his step-sister-wife – having Amy will be a much bigger advantage, precisely because she and Dan have a much more sympathetic story (or will have, when it all gets tied up in the end).