I'm guessing if there is a time jump it&#…

I'm guessing if there is a time jump it's not a very big one. Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina all are early primary states. I would guess the show is somewhat following that so the episode itself shouldn't be that far off time wise from Iowa. I could be very wrong that's just where my brain immediately went when I saw the episode titles

On the one hand, that makes sense – but on the other…I feel like there has to be a time jump somewhere in the season (by which I mean before episode 7) if they’re ever going to reach a point where the outcome of the primaries (ie who gets the nominations), let alone the election, ever becomes clear. I mean, they only covered three days in 7.01, so time is not moving quickly, and to reach Super Tuesday alone they’d need to cover at least ten months of time.

But it could be that the jump is later – we don’t know the titles for anything past 7.04, I don’t think – was 7.05 the debate episode @wecouldstillbegreat? Because that could be several months on.

The American electoral system makes me tired just thinking about it – it goes on for so long. Five weeks is plenty of time!