the one thing I noticed this episode was Amy! …

the one thing I noticed this episode was Amy! In! Flats! God bless her poor feet!


The ludicrous high heels Amy and Selina wear all the time have long been one of the aspects of the show that undermines my suspension of disbelief, because women who have to be on their feet all the time (which all politicians do) never wear shoes like that. (That’s not to say they don’t wear heels – just rarely four and a half inch stilettos).

Putting her in flats when Selina is in heels allowed them to create some nice visuals – there’s the scene at Susan B Anthony’s house, where Amy is standing in the middle of a circle of tall men and Selina, who’s a good four inches taller than her. It makes her look a lot more isolated within the group, like they’re all looking over her. And it also makes her look much, much smaller beside Dan.

Setting aside her shoes, notice how Amy’s clothes get progressively darker as the episode continues? She starts off in that beautiful electric blue print (which really makes her stand out, something she’s usually reluctant to do), and ends the episode in dark navy – her clothing getting darker as what little hope and optimism she has is drained by Dan’s behaviour. If I had pics I could also show you that they come closest to matching in the scene where she tells him she wants to keep the baby – the navy in her print a perfect match for his suit – which of course is immediately followed by a scene where Amy is in wearing pyjamas and Dan is still in a shirt and trousers, a complete mis-match.

I’m also point out that when Selina is ‘on’ she tends to dress all in one colour – the blue dress, the red – whereas on the ‘business’ day she wears a top and skirt (that looks rather more comfortable, since it’s not as tight). It’s good optics for someone who wants to stand out in a crowd – especially someone as small as Selina. The bright colours really draw the eye.