Episode 7.01

1. Before I get into anything else – Jonah’s step dad is the Zodiac killer. I screamed when I saw that, and could barely watch the rest of the scene. I kept waiting for a Ted Cruz joke.

2. I laughed more at the physical comedy of Kent surprise-lifting Amy into a staff meeting than I should have.

3. AMY. My baby out there for once expressing her actual emotions like a grown-up. Notice how when she tells Dan she can’t make eye contact, and then closes the door on him almost immediately, so she doesn’t have to deal with his reaction. That whole terrified monologue was beautifully played by Anna Chlumsky, because you could tell Amy winds up saying an awful lot more than she intended to, but she’s used to talking completely frankly with Dan, so once the stopper comes off, it all just gushes out. (Her FACE in that second scene in the hotel room – both the hope and then hurt – Dan you asshole).

4. On the one hand, Dan is not as bad as I thought he was going to be – flirting with the Buzzfeed lady (though, Reid Scott played that…kind of creepily, I thought, on my first viewing, which was an unexpected touch) and then sleeping with her was AWFUL and massively obnoxious, but, what didn’t come across, and what I was genuinely afraid of, was the sense of him flaunting it in front of Amy out of actual malice.

5. That said – this is all going to blow up in his face horribly, and I have zero sympathy for him. He must have heard her throw the book, right?

It seems like he just presumed that Amy would get the abortion like he wanted, without having actually spoken to her about it. Like, as much as his stunned reaction to her confession was funny to watch, he really has no right to be shocked – Amy’s been putting off the abortion and trying to talk to him about it for weeks at this point…what did he think she was going to say?

He seems stuck in complete denial that anything was ever going to change – and I’m going to assume as soon as Amy unloaded on him, he went straight down to the bar to destress as per usual and rebuild his iron-clad assumption that things will work out the way he wants.

The one vaguely positive thing is…Reid Scott kept describing Amy as sweet in interviews (which made me laugh, because…no, just no) and you could kind of see that in his face during the hotel room scene. He’s shocked and Amy’s wound-up and jittery, but it is there – he thinks she’s cute. Which is a more positive reaction to her than she ever seemed to get from Ed or Buddy (clutching at straws here people).

6. What I don’t like – partly because the show has made such a point of this over the last few years – is Dan patently shoving Amy right back into some sexless box where he talks to her like she’s his bro. Has this pretense not got seriously old at this point? Also, can the show stop asking me to root for a couple where the male half makes the female half feel so unwanted and undesirable all the fecking time? A moment or two where Dan’s actual attraction to Amy is evident would go a long, long way at this point.

7. Please, please, PLEASE can we get a scene where Amy tears him to pieces the way he deserves? It would be so cathartic, and Chlumsky would knock it out of the park.

8. Jonah’s line about how his cousin Ezra fingered his wife back in high-school was so gross I had to rewind to make sure I’d heard what I thought I had. As for the stepsister thing…eh. No one cared in Clueless, so I’m not sure why it’s a thing now – and she seems surprisingly pleasant (compared to Shawnee).

9. Amy stuck being Selina’s Cassandra yet again. She was the only one suggesting anything pro-active in any of the meetings – and she’s right about everything she says – so naturally no one listens.

10. Amy likes the name Meagan. Somewhat to my surprise – CALLED IT (see Best Laid Plans).

11. Ugh Teddy. I never expected to find myself saying this but…someone save Jonah.

12. So Tom James gets the campaign manager Selina wants, and hires an Amy clone who he (presumably) listens to from time-to-time. I’m curious how this plays out, because at this point you’d expect him to wipe the floor with both Selina and Jonah. I wonder if we’re going to get any scenes with Amy and Buddy (or even more fun, Dan and Buddy) with his candidacy.

13. At least when Selina kills a dog, it’s by accident, Dan.

14. So at some point they’re going to forget Mike’s a journalist now and tell him something they really, really shouldn’t, right?

15. The Marjorie talks at inappropriate length about sex with Catherine to Selina joke can be retired any time now.

16. Wasn’t the behind the scenes pic of the t short of sexual frustration pink? Are we going to see them again?