Ok if I was betting I think that Amy WILL have…

Ok if I was betting I think that Amy WILL have the baby but without Dan and her whole glow up thing will be because she’s confident in herself and happy about motherhood. I think that Dan will see her and maybe their baby and want to be a part of their lives. That’s just me hoping though. I NEED to see Dan with their baby.

It’s what she deserves at this point.

I already know that the first few episodes are going to be TOUGH (but a little birdie told me that Amy snaps at Ep. 3, so I’m crossing my fingers for that!!).

What I don’t want is for Amy to get all happy, healthy and confident along with having the kid only to turn around and just end up with Dan by default because the writers are just satisfying our needs as fans!

Dan needs to SWEAT to get with Amy. All these years, she’s been doing the chasing it seems…it’s time for him to do the same (even MORE) to win Amy’s affection!!

I told someone that Dan learns something when he has NOTHING so, I guarantee you the moment he’s left with nothing…he’s gonna wake the fuck up and realize what he’s missing