I was reading your fic "What Might Have B…

I was reading your fic "What Might Have Been", and I just finished the chapter where Amy and Buddy did end up getting married, but then he died in the plane crash, which kind of inspired the question. Not that this would probably ever actually happen on the show, but how do you think Amy and Dan would react to the other dying?


Amy would probably handle it better, I think, because she has more ability to form lasting relationships with people who aren’t Dan. So, I think she would move on eventually. But Veep’s perception of male-female relationships is bleak at the best of times, and so it’s at least open to question whether she would meet someone else who is genuinely attracted to her exactly how she is, and who she actually wanted to be with. She hasn’t so far, despite being the most desired character in the show.

Dan’s silver bullet when it comes to Amy hasn’t ever been his looks or his charm or even his brains (though, don’t get me wrong, all three help – a young man ought to be handsome, if he possibly can), it’s that he makes no secret of finding the personality traits everyone else never stops criticising her for wildly appealing.

As for Dan, I think you can kiss any chance of him becoming a halfway recognisable human being goodbye. I mean, Dan has slept with…quite possibly hundreds of women, and I am sure many of them have been smart and ambitious and even, to use Reid Scott’s description of Amy, ‘sweet.’ But Amy is the only one he’s ever developed any kind of emotional attachment to. She’s the only one who pulls on his heart strings, much though he may attempt to deny it.

It doesn’t necessarily follow that Dan would grieve in an open or sympathetic way, mind you. If anything, I think he’d get worse – joking to everyone about how grateful he is to be single again, sleeping with everything that moved, never visiting Amy’s grave…imagine the ugliest grieving scenario you can think of, and then assume that, since it’s Dan, whatever he does will be substantially worse than anything you can come up with.

Deep, deep down in Dan’s shrivelled little soul, he needs someone to love – to impress and tease and peacock in front of and very, very occasionally, take care of – and without that, he becomes low-level miserable. So the only saving grace I can think of is, if they had had a child before Amy died, I could imagine him still lashing out spectacularly in his grief, but probably becoming something closer to a decent father. In other words, any woman who misfortunate enough to cross his path will be in for a very tough time, but he will probably lavish more attention on the kid.