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‘Veep’ Star Reid Scott On Final Season 7, Evolution Of Dan Egan: ‘A Satisfying Ending’


There are some surprises, it’s nice. I think season 7 is going to stand apart from previous seasons in a good way. In a sense that they really went for it. You know, it’s definitely, the comedy is a bit broader. The situations are even more heightened. The characters are even more, you know, the concentrated versions of themselves.


Dan doesn’t learn much, but in season 7 he’s having a bit of an identity crisis I would say. He’s feeling himself because he has come full circle and he had this incredible experience in his career. But he’s also wondering where does it go from here? There’s gotta be something more. So, he’s a bit unstable. And I think it’s going to be such a satisfying ending.


When I saw the script for the final episode, I turned to the writers like, ‘oh my god are we really going to try to pull this off’? Wow this is big, and then we did. I can’t wait to see the audience reactions for the final, final episode.