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‘Veep’ Star Anna Chlumsky On Final Season 7, Evolution Of Amy Brookheimer


I hope they’re satisfied. I’m a fan of the show and I’m very satisfied. I’m touched by the ending. There’s a moment in the end that I just feel is a love letter to the entire show. So, I love it. I also am very aware that fanship and viewership is very diverse, and sometimes people really like to get very, very invested in their opinion of a finale. I’ve been one of those fans on other shows, so I cannot speak for fans and how they’ll be.


I think when we met Amy, she thought she had it all figured out and what she had figured out was basically, how to win, how to get what she wanted, and how to do all of that in just work. Throughout the series, we’ve seen her psyche and her heart and her soul kind of clash with that idea that she could just kind of focus her way through life and she’d never have to make other kinds of difficult decisions.


I feel very at peace with the end of the story. I’m a big fan of series ending when they feel it needs to, as opposed to kind of trying to run something into the ground, so yeah, I think this is a good moment to let go and have our satire live on in the world as it does, as opposed to necessarily having to make more, and yeah, I think this is complete.