The one thing that makes me a little concerned…

The one thing that makes me a little concerned about the abortion thing is that article from a while back where Jonah is screaming about Amy having just had an abortion. If she did not go through with the abortion, do you think Jonah would not know about the kid? Or do you think there's something else going on?

I’m not sure which is more incredible, in the literal sense of the word – Amy telling Jonah about her recent abortion, or Jonah maintaining the fiction that she’s had one to protect her from Dan. In either one of those scenarios, one of them is behaving in a notably uncharacteristic way.

But maybe it’s more simple than that. Maybe Jonah offers her the role in 7.02, Amy sees it as a professional opportunity that she cannot possibly turn down (for similar reasons to the ones she gave Dan in season 5), and decides to get an abortion for that reason.

And knowing Dan, seeing Amy make that kind of cut-throat, ruthless decision would be such a turn-on that he decides he does want to be with her, they team up properly and the 7.03 road-trip is the two of them driving to join Jonah’s campaign, with a stop off at a clinic along the way. (And I can definitely imagine Dan telling Jonah about an abortion in a way I can’t for Amy).

Which wouldn’t be my preferred option, but I could definitely live with it. (Though it would feel like the issue is being swept under the rug, particularly if Amy still wants a child some day, just not right now).