Something that makes me slightly lean towards …

Something that makes me slightly lean towards Amy keeping the baby is that she leaves Selina & Dan’s campaign, who are both single people who preach for abortions, to join Jonah’s who is now a “family man” with his wife and stepson. He’s never shown any contempt towards others having kids like Dan & Selina have.

Jonah has also never made a secret of the fact that he things Amy is hot and brilliant, and assuming he’s happy enough with his wife to tone down the relentless sexual harassment (which is questionable), at least she’s be in a working environment where people don’t try to rip up her self-esteem for entertainment.

I would also imagine that Amy would be at least a little better at telling him what to do than Ben and Kent, if only because she might actually care about him being a success.

I suspect Selina’s objection to Amy’a pregnancy is entirely self-involved – she doesn’t want a visibly pregnant (and therefore younger) woman on staff, doesn’t want the distracting news story, doesn’t want Amy to have divided loyalties, doesn’t want Amy to stop looking perfectly put together or gain weight, because that will reflect badly on Selina somehow. (In case you’re wondering, this is exactly what I was hoping they WOULDN’T do with Selina).

That said, I don’t actually think Jonah would care one way or another about Amy being pregnant, outside of the opportunities it might give him to hit on her.

But man it’s depressing that this is even a viable question.