How far along do you think Amy is in her pregn…

How far along do you think Amy is in her pregnancy? When she told Dan in the season six finale, she was at least one to three months pregnant (as she uses the phrase "a couple months ago" when she refers to the night they slept together). What do you think?

The season 6 timeline is a headache and a half, which really doesn’t help.

The Madison-Monroe dinner is in late January/early February, going by what the show tells us, and Dan and Amy hook up some time in early November (close to the midterm elections). Now there’s SOME wriggle room in those timings, but not much, so I would say that three and a half months is as pregnant as Amy could be – though I think it’s likely less.

As for in 7.01 – we’ve not heard anything about how far forward in time the show has jumped, but in one of the promo scenes, Gary and Selina talk about Amy having gained weight. However, it doesn’t seem to strike either of them that she might be pregnant (in Selina’s part because she’s rather invested in denying that Amy is attractive of late – yet another way in which she and Dan are similar), which to me suggests Amy is further along, but not so far that it is obvious. To my mind that means she can’t be much past four, four and a half months – but as small and slim as Amy is, I tend to think it’s less than that, because I imagine she would start to ‘show’ early on in her pregnancy.

If you’re thinking this may push Amy close to the legal limit for abortion, in at least some states, I suspect you’re probably right.