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Reid Scott on the final season of “Veep”

Reid on Dan x Amy’s relationship in season 7 and working with Anna


Interviewer: Do you remember your audition for Veep?

Reid: Yeah, I do. I do.

Interviewer: What was it?

Reid: I was living here in New York. I was working on a show, The Big C with Laura Linney.

Interviewer: The great Laura Linney.

Reid: Oh man, she’s fantastic. I’ve been very lucky, I’ve worked with incredible women.

Interviewer: Yes, the great Julia Louis-Dreyfus as well.

Reid: Yeah, it’s been a dream to work with incredibly talented, smart, funny, super cool women.

Interviewer: Yeah those are two of the absolute best.

Reid: Yeah. And I got a call that Armando wanted to meet me to potentially play Dan, so I met with Armando and the great Frank Rich, one of our great producers over in Soho. And Anna had already been cast as Amy and she was kind enough to show up, and we got to play off each other a little bit. And you know, we did it as written, which was really fun. And then Armando said do you mind just improvising for a little while? And I said, yeah sure let’s try it. I just want to have a conversation with you as Dan. And I sort of, was kind of terrified by that but i think my mind- I just blacked out, like 20 minutes later sort of came to, and I was like, oh, how was that? And he was like, that was great. And I couldn’t even tell you what we talk about.

Interviewer: Did you try to be funny or anything? Or, were you just like no, just be this guy.

Reid: Well, I mean I find every time you try to be funny, it’s never funny. You gotta be honest, first. It was simple questions, like where are you from, what school did you go to, what made you want to get involved politics? Just very banal things, and then just try to inject it with the Dan attitude here and there. Armando is a genius. He would lead the conversation in directions, like I see where you’re going, I think I can find a way to find a way to bring some some sort of punchline for this. It was so fun and fluid, it just felt right from day one.


Reid: It’s a much bigger season. The comedy got broader, but it still feels earned. It will stand alone amongst other seasons of Veep, but it fits perfectly.

Interviewer: Is that something you noticed on set, that the jokes and the comedy felt broader while you were doing it?

Reid: From day one, getting the script for the table read, right out of the shoot, everyone just leaned a little harder into their characters and the situations just got even more Veep-ish.

Interviewer: The conflict between your character and Anna Chlumsky’s character feels a little outside of the Veep world because most of Veep is- all of the conflicts are based around the occupation that they’re in, and not a personal life thing where this feels very much like, lets just lean into being a show here and let’s give our characters this thing. I don’t want to give anything away.

Reid: Dan’s having a bit of an identity crisis. At the end of season 6, Amy drops the bomb that she’s pregnant with Dan’s baby and Dan’s not excited about that for some reason. It’s very uncharacteristic for Dan. You would think he would love to be a father.

Interviewer: He’s a bit back and forth, right? I mean, not necessarily on being a father, but on the whole thing.

Reid: Yeah, I don’t think he knows what to do with himself. It was really fun because this season he’s really feeling himself. He’s been a lobbyist so he made a bunch of money, he was an anchor on CBS morning show, so he’s got the fame bug and now he’s back on the campaign trail, so he doesn’t wear the ties anymore, he’s got the five o’clock shadow. He’s having fun but he’s having almost too much fun and he starts to implode a little bit.

Interviewer: He’s starting to have age issues, he’s starting to having growing pains. He’s wondering if he’s growing out of this, but he clearly can’t grow out of it. He has no more depth.

Reid: He’s reached the top of his bounce, that’s about it.


@casliyn: I’ve was wondering what was it’s been like to work with Anna these past 7 years, because you guys have amazing chemistry, and we don’t know whether you guys want to punch each other, or kiss each other, so what’s that been like to work with Anna? 

Reid: She’s awesome. We have such good fun. You know, these two characters have such a weird, complicated relationship. They’re pitted against each other, but then they lean on each other, they exploit each other. She’s an incredible scene partner, you know she’s always down to play, always down for one more take, always brings great energy. Yeah, and she was the first cast mate I met all you know, those years ago in some crappy little room in Soho.


Interviewer: I’m not giving anything anyway, where somebody else is somebody else’s Amy in this season and everybody in a brief moment does an impression of Anna, and it made me laugh so hard and I also immediately felt horrible.

Reid: Poor thing, I know.

Interviewer: Like, one of the worst insults I saw on the show was a group of people doing a body impression of her.

Reid: She takes a lot of crap, the Anna character- I’m sorry, the Amy character this season. She gets dumped on a lot, poor thing, but it’s really funny.

I am so entertained that he specifically mentions Dan not wearing a tie as part of his character shift this season. I knew it meant something!