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Amy considers keeping baby Brookheimer-Egan, mentioned in How will ‘Veep’s’ Selina Meyer be remembered in the end? As a woman who hated other women.

Seems like she finds out late during episode 2 or early episode 3. Then they go on their abortion road trip.

So maybe it’s a combo of pressure from Dan and Selina? I still don’t buy 100% that she goes through with it…yet.

Yeah, that makes sense.

I can see how despite wanting a baby in season 5 (which is probably why she briefly considers keeping it), Dan’s behavior (with him being careless, sleeping around, making comments about wanting her to have the abortion) and Selina’s insistence as well, makes her question whether she should have it. I do think that combination leads her to that decision.

Maybe that scene by the water is them having that discussion. Don’t know why that would be one of Reid’s favorite scenes. Maybe he hesitates for a second as she’s walking away or something, although that doesn’t seem in line with his carelessness this season and is just wishful thinking on my part.

Amy hasn’t gone through with it in the beginning of 7×03, so Dan and/or Selina insist that they go on the trip (I hate that he’s influencing her decision).

Reid says that Amy takes a lot of crap this season and that she gets dumped on a lot, so I can see this as the beginning of her transformation arc. This is what ultimately pushes her to leave. So the question still is, does she have the baby or not??

@thebookofmaev also had a really good point. Why would she tell him if she knows exactly how he would react? Was it just to propel the storyline/drama forward then?

Edit: @caitnan mentioned that, “If Amy gets an abortion will that further her transformation seen in later pics? I don’t really see how her succumbing to Dan & Selina’s bullying would further it. That would be her continuing to be a doormat. Or worse. I am hoping for the single mother/single lady transformation.”

And I think that’s a really good point! I am also hoping for a single mother/lady transformation as mentioned! I can’t wait to see give no fucks Amy.

I can see this going both ways, storywise. As in, it could be that Amy transforms because getting away from Dan and Selina, doing something she wants and having someone to love who won’t abuse her, allows her to bloom at long last. It could just be a sign that she’s happy.

Or it could be that allowing them to push her into an abortion functions as a kind of wake-up call, and Gives-No-Fucks Amy is a response to that. Like, she finally realises just how much she’s let them dictate her life for her, and decides she has to strike out on her own for once and for all.

For what it’s worth, unless we see Amy have the abortion, I’m going to assume she didn’t. But I really do hate that they’re making Selina such a misogynist – I actually find Dan’s likely awfulness easier to tolerate than her’s.