I know everyone talks about Ben and Amy having…

I know everyone talks about Ben and Amy having a sort of Father-daughter dynamic but Kent and Amy are super unexplored. I feel like he cares for her in his own weird tin man way

I think that’s largely a product of Gary Cole and Anna Chlumsky having really good chemistry on screen – there certainly isn’t much in the scenes as written, but they play off each other really well.

The scene in 4.04 where they’re giggling together in the back of Doyle’s event is a lot of fun, especially with the culmination of Amy physically pushing him into a wall.

But I think I could probably count on one hand the number of scenes they’ve had together, and with the likely shape of season 7, it seems unlikely we’ll get many more.

I’ve been longing to see a scene with Amy and Tom James – she left the campaign because Selina wouldn’t pick him for VP, but I don’t think they’ve ever exchanged words on screen. Though I find it…interesting that he’s apparently chosen an Amy-clone for his campaign manager.