Dan Egan: “An obscenely vile womanizer” accord…




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Having hope was fun while it lasted. This better be dialogue and not related to an actual scene. But agin, bar LOWERED.

Well, that was fun while it lasted lol. Hmm. This sounds like it could be a scene. If it is, then maybe that’s why they go on the road trip.

I’d hate it if his carelessness causes her to make that decision. But he’s having identity issues during this, and I feel like her having an abortion would cut short the whole idea of Dan and Amy examining what they want. I think it’s still possible that Amy gets so fed up with his carelessness that she tells him to fuck off and that she’s decided to have the baby on her own, leaving him to go after her.

My nightmare scenario has always been Dan behaving so awfully that Amy decides to have an abortion, because he’s made his indifference so clear to her that she knows he won’t give her any meaningful support. Because to my mind that will come off as effectively abusive – he doesn’t have to physically carry her into the clinic to be pressurising her.

And if Dan is being that flagrantly terrible, it’s going to be very hard to believe that Amy is making a free decision. Either way, though, I think it’s clear she ditches him – I can’t imagine Dan having the fears about his life being empty and meaningless, if Amy was still around. They’ll just probably skip over the period in which they’re separated with a time jump.

What I just can’t see is how the writers could have Amy still be hung up on him. Like, at the point where he has effectively coerced her into abortion and flaunted sex with other women in her face for the eighth-fifth time, how do you have Amy still want him? I feel like there has to be some limit to Dan’s awfulness – and pushing her into an abortion is mine – or he will have to make a more sincere attempt to change than I ever thought could exist in Veep – for Amy to still be in love with him and make sense as a character.