Dan Egan: “An obscenely vile womanizer” accord…








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Having hope was fun while it lasted. This better be dialogue and not related to an actual scene. But agin, bar LOWERED.

Well, that was fun while it lasted lol. Hmm. This sounds like it could be a scene. If it is, then maybe that’s why they go on the road trip.

I’d hate it if his carelessness causes her to make that decision. But he’s having identity issues during this, and I feel like her having an abortion would cut short the whole idea of Dan and Amy examining what they want. I think it’s still possible that Amy gets so fed up with his carelessness that she tells him to fuck off and that she’s decided to have the baby on her own, leaving him to go after her.

I agree. It does sound that way. Her even considering an abortion seems off – but this is only because of the S5 and 6 egg freezing/baby mentions. If those hadn’t happened, her getting an abortion would 100% seem like a possibility.

As it stands now, I’m in the camp of they go to a clinic, she contemplates it, kicks Dan out for being a shit, decides not to go through with it, doesn’t tell Dan, leaves the campaign, then secretly(?) has it.

I’m also fine if she has an abortion because that’s what she wants and not because of any Dan influence. But…UGH.

My issue with Amy considering abortion is…if that was a serious option, in her mind, I don’t know why she would ever have told Dan about the pregnancy. She can’t have expected him to handle it anything but horribly, so why put herself through that if she didn’t absolutely have to? I mean, she knows him, she knows how awful he can be – it seems like utter masochism.

It’s a character problem I will struggle to get past. The idea of Amy somehow managing to conceal a pregnancy – when she works on a political campaign and will be photographed every single day – is nonsensical, but I would definitely prefer it, because at least then her behaviour will have some logic to it.

Sounds like the first 2 episodes Selina & Dan torture Amy about the pregnancy. Then 7×03 Amy & Dan got to get rid of it. Whether she goes through with it or not I can’t tell, but clearly she needs to get away from them so she goes to Jonah’s campaign. And that separation is what makes Dan realize he misses being with her and that’s why we see them at Jonah’s mother’s house together again.

I don’t think it’s possible for Amy to “secretly” have the kid, only because I would guess that she’ll be on tv for Jonah’s campaign. But with the first time jump, maybe they won’t even go over that and they’ll convince the audience she had the abortion and then we see the baby when Dan or someone else does.

The beauty of a time jump is that they won’t have to do any of the narrative work to make big plot points – such as Amy somehow concealing a pregnancy – seem logical. And I keep thinking about the use of flashback costumes in either 7.06/7.07 – I said a while back that they may be doing a bait and switch. Your suggestion would fit in with that.

And it’s not even that I am gung-ho for Amy to have a baby – I just LOATHE the idea of Dan, and even more Selina, abusing her to the point where she gives up on the idea. (And again, I know Amy’s tough, but if Dan is talking to her that way the whole time, how the hell is she still into him? The perpetual doormat plot is not appealing to me.)

And, on a light entertainment note, how much would Dan HATE the idea of Jonah being Dad-substitute to his kid? (Or even worse, Sophie). More seriously, Amy’s parents would almost certainly help her out in this situation, even if her Baby-Daddy and long-term mentor refuse to support her. (I am not a fan of this being done to Selina’s characterisation).

A side note that I should have realised before – we don’t know when Amy goes to work for Jonah. As in, we know she leaves Selina (presumably sometime during 7.03, going by everything we’ve heard) and we know she ends up with Jonah…but it doesn’t necessarily follow that the two things happen one after another.

She could very well take four or five months off – or work only behind the scenes – have the baby, and then show up at the primary debates. They are most likely well after her due date anyway, so if that’s the next time we see her, we wouldn’t know one way or another. If things go as badly with Dan and Selina as they appear to, she may need the time to lick her wounds anyway.