I would like your perspective on this… Im r…

I would like your perspective on this… Im rewatching veep and following the Dan/Amy relationship. We know they had a relationship that didnt end well before. And while in the first seasons they dont get along, they seem to work closely up until Nevada where we know it goes downhill. One could even assume, more for fanfiction, that they could have been hooking up. So why does everyone portray dan as the villain? Prior to Nevada and in terms of his relationship with Amy, not his career.

Because Dan openly brags about exploiting women sexually so he can progress in his career*, we see him do it (or attempt it) a number of times over the course of the show, we know he and Amy dated, and it ended badly enough that Amy is still raw about it some time after the fact.  I mean, sure it’s theoretically possible that Amy was the bad guy in that scenario, but I can’t say it seems terribly likely – and I don’t see any evidence in the show for that argument.  

Now, it may be that some element of their back story will be revealed in the final season, and it will flip everything we know about their past on its head, but until that time, I think the general fandom assumption is the correct one.  (Please note, it’s still possible that Amy dumped in him in this scenario, because she realised why he was dating her – I don’t think that makes Dan not the bad guy particularly).

As for them hooking up over the course of the show, while I think it’s an interesting scenario to play with in fic, I really don’t think it happened before 6.09. 

Chiefly because it would make utter nonsense of Amy’s characterisation in 5.02 – if she and Dan were sleeping together regularly, or even occasionally, why would she be so unsure as to whether he was interested in hooking up when they were in Nevada?  She was so nervous she couldn’t come out and ask him, and had to go back to her room (a safe space, with no Dan in it) before making a move.  In a scenario where casual sex had happened between them previously, that would give Amy a degree of insecurity that would be downright pathological.  And it would make Dan’s behaviour over Sophie so much worse – and so much more cruel – than it already was, that it’s not great for his characterisation either.

I think it’s also fair to say that, based on the evidence we’ve seen of her behaviour within the show, Amy isn’t particularly good at casual sexual relationships.  She ends up engaged to Buddy, and is so obviously in love with Dan that it barely needs to be stated.  I really don’t think she’s equipped to navigate an ongoing casual sexual relationship with a co-worker – and even if she was, I can’t believe for one second that Dan wouldn’t have teased her about it.  His ability to defer gratification is limited, to say the least – he would have said something, and it would have been obnoxious, and Amy would have had to kill him (the only course of action compatible with honour).

The most I can realistically see happening between them is a drunken kiss, or a hug that goes slightly too far, after a political success or something.

(*I don’t care how many times the show tries to play Dan’s sexual exploitation of women as a joke, I will never, ever find it funny).