wecouldstillbegreat: A review of season 7, in…


A review of season 7, including the pregnancy storyline.

This seems to be very in line with Reid saying, “Dan’s done some pretty terrible stuff in the past, wait till you see this season.” So maybe it was in regards to the pregnancy or how he treats Amy (I was really hoping not). 

I was hoping that their conversation in 7×02 would be them actually having a heart to heart. There’s still a chance to fix that in 7×04 onwards when they start working together again.

It does say two people wrapped up in themselves though…

@thebookofmaev what are your thoughts?

The good news is that Anna thinks that the finale is “perfect,” so I am hoping (fingers crossed) that whatever happens to their characters will be satisfying. 

I agree with you – I was really hoping not to have to watch more of Dan tearing down Amy’s self-respect. The relentlessly gendered abuse she got from him, Selina and Buddy in season 6 wore out my patience really quickly – I don’t ever want to see Dan being as nasty as he was in 5.03 again. And it feels so unnecessary – there’s enough baggage between them that even if he was trying to be decent, they’re still going to struggle.


I think it’s worth remembering here that none of the reviewers seem to have seen past the first three episodes. And it was only a week ago that I was saying it might well be a natural story structure for Dan to fuck up in the first half of the season, in order to fight his way back in the second half. Everything we’ve heard so far would fit in with that – though I don’t doubt there are going to be some wince-inducing lines along the way, because the writers have a tin-ear on these issues.

(Also worth remembering, Reid Scott isn’t always the most reliable guide on these matters – what exactly did Dan do in season 6 that was so terrible? Given how odious Jane was, I can’t really hold that power struggle against him).

As for Anna – she seems to really like Amy, so I just don’t see her loving an ending that had Amy reduced to nothing but a perpetual punching bag. And with what we’ve heard her say about getting the chance to really explore Amy and what drives her, I think the back half of the season is likely to take her to some very interesting places – we already know it’s had an impact on her style!