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🚨Spoilers for 7×01-7×03. 🚨

Dan is feeling the greying sting of old age. Interesting. @thebookofmaev, I remember you had a really great posts about Dan aging, as well as Amy’s eating disorder. I feel like he’s getting to the point where his “playboy ways” won’t be able to sustain his career any longer. I wonder if this factors into his decision about the baby. What are your thoughts?

That final detail is not something I needed to read, good Lord.

I can’t remember whether I made a post specifically about it, but I do remember observing that one of the more realistic touches in season 6 was Dan starting to feel some of the social costs of his sexual behaviour. (We saw something similar with Jonah in his relationship with Shawnee). There was a reason most of his colleagues at CBS despised him.

It’s one thing for a man in his twenties to sleep with everything that moves – but Dan per the show is at least in his mid-thirties now (and frankly looks older than that), and at a certain point people will stop finding him charming. At this point, how many bars in DC can he walk into without meeting a woman he’s brutally dumped in the past?

I want to be really, really clear here – the problem is not that Dan has had a lot of sexual partners. The problem is that he has been horrible to most of those partners, callously exploiting them and treating them nastily, and…women talk. As more of his peers start to marry and settle down, I think he’ll slowly find himself frozen out of social networks – especially if he continually chases after women ten to fifteen years younger than him – because people will think he’s gross. I can’t see Candi Caruso inviting him to one of her dinner parties, and she will not be the only woman he’s exploited who has risen to a position of power. (If Dan slept around without treating women terribly, things might be different, mind you, but then he wouldn’t be Dan).

Dan is more self-aware than Jonah, so I would expect him to start to realise this at some point, albeit unwillingly. (Also, the optics of a pushing 40 man exploring women in their early 20s are questionable at best, not that I expect Veep to acknowledge this. I’m just hoping they back away from the sexual assault jokes, at least with Dan). The world is very willing to give men who’ve treated women badly endless second chances (which we may also see play out with Buddy this season), so all may be forgiven if he settles down with his adorable long-term associate – and I think Dan would understand that.

Whether it would affect his decision-making regarding Amy, I don’t know. I could definitely see him saying that it was a motivating factor – I’m just not sure I’d believe him. I think Dan would do pretty much anything rather than declare his actual feelings to Amy, because at that point she would have all the power – and she’s shown a willingness to ditch him in the past after all.

I’m intrigued that Amy’s morning sickness is initaly thought to be bulimia – I wonder if we’ll ever get a confirmation on that, or if this is as close as we’ll get. And we now know that the Amy-clone is working for Tom James, which is something I’d speculated on before.

It’s interesting to me that all the reviewers seem only to have seen the first three episodes – I wonder if that’s a hint as to when the first time jump happens.