Do we think that polina frantsena (Mila) could…

Do we think that polina frantsena (Mila) could possibly be baby brookheimer-Egan?!

(I just wrote out a whole post on this and tumble lost it! ACK!)

I am in two minds on this one.

The actress would be a good match for Dan and Amy’s offspring.

Her colouring and complexion is very similar to Anna Chlumsky’s – albeit with much darker blue eyes. But, looking at the IMDb pics, this actress is relatively tall. Not only that, she has a kind of long, cheekbone-y face, which from at least some angles is similar to Reid Scott’s. And mostly importantly of all – FRECKLES.

So there are definitely qualities from both potential parents in there. (In the above picture she also has incredibly defined – that is artificially sculpted – eyebrows, which I’d say comes from Dan, except that isn’t genetic).

But I think the age is a problem. Admittedly, I didn’t see any biographical info on this actress out there, but she apparently played a “20 something” in 2008.

Now, I tend to think that a time jump will be helpful for Veep in making the ages of its youngest cast members closer to the actors’ actual ages (I don’t think Tim Simmons or Reid Scott are really pulling off early thirties at this stage) but it would still mean Anna Chlumsky playing mother to a woman who’s likely less than ten years younger than her. Which is going to strain credibility a bit.

Of course, it could be that this actress reads as incredibly young on screen. It does happen from time to time – one of the actresses in Derry Girls, playing a fourteen/fifteen year old, is 31, and I swear you’d never know it.

So, I think it’s possible that she’s playing Baby B-E – and I think it’s possible she’s playing someone else entirely. I wouldn’t want to state categorically either way at this point.