A 15 year time jump has me excited for one and…

A 15 year time jump has me excited for one and one thing only- dan Egan having to deal with his teenage daughter’s teenage hormones and the teenage boys who come along with them

On the one hand, I do so love the idea of Dan dealing with a hormone bomb teenage girl, mired in the depths of adolescent self pity, hating herself and everyone around her, and taking it out on him with that combination of disdain and patronisation that teenagers excel at. Imagine him trying to be SENSITIVE about it! Not to mention how disappointed he’ll be that his adorable little girl no longer worships the ground he walks on.

That said, assuming there’s a flash-forward, I doubt we’ll get much more than an establishing “where are they now” scene with Dan and Amy as a family (if they are a family at that point). So, I suspect any depth exploration of the dynamics is unlikely.

Also, never forget, we don’t KNOW that the baby will be female. I tend to think that’s how the showrunners will go, because it’s so karmically fitting – but imagine Dan dealing with a son who is growing up to be even more handsome than he is! I can’t see him handling that well AT ALL.