Anna Chlumsky talks about Season Seven on ‘Veep’ on GMA Day 1/7/19.

From this video, I think we can conclusively rule out Amy having had an abortion between the seasons. Because if they come back “a couple of months” after the final scene, the only way Amy still has a lot of decisions to make is if she is still pregnant.

My best guest is that she’s been cold-shouldering Dan ever since telling him, which would allow the show to return further on in time without skipping any major developments.

(Though, If Amy’s somewhere between two and three months when she tells Dan – which she would have to be going by the timeline – that would put her at four months pregnant (at least) at the start of the show, and possibly further on. In some of the early behind the scenes pics she was wearing some over-sized dresses and there was maybe a hint of a belly – but not a four or five months one).