“It’s Like Christmas Except Happy!”

[ Veep Yuletide ‘18 ☃️]

This holiday season I am hosting Yuletide for our fandom on Archive of Our Own!

The challenge is open to ANYONE who wishes to request and or write a fic for any character and or relationships for the show!

To sign up for a request/write a fic here’s the link:

*Message me if you have any questions/comments and or concerns!*

Is this the place for me to request the “Much Ado” AU of my dreams? Because Dan and Amy are SO Beatrice and Benedick that I think Selina et al trying to put them together (and thus put an end to the endless fighting) fits surprisingly well, even for a show as acid as Veep.

@thebookofmaev It absolutely is! Fill out the sign-up form to either request the fic or write it yourself! ❤️

Submitted. (I think). (Also, I will totally write something, but I got confused by the form and didn’t list anything).