tomhardyvariations: Venom has now topped a fa…


Venom has now topped a fantastic $800 million globally. That’s bigger than Wonder Woman and Spider-man worldwide. It’s officially the 2nd highest-earning superhero origin movie ever. Congratulations Tom Hardy and Co.!! 

Off a phenomenal China performance, Sony’s Venom continued to course this frame and has now crossed $800M worldwide. At $822.5M, it is the 2nd highest grossing superhero origin movie ever globally, behind Black Panther. Of $610.8M at the international box office, $242.9M is from the Middle Kingdom. //

Far be it from me to criticise a film starring one of our beloved Veeple, but this is the most undeserved success I’ve seen since Lala Land. (I’m still not over the stupidity of the central love triangle, I guess).