Amy in a dress that is simultaneously bodycon,…

Amy in a dress that is simultaneously bodycon, high-necked, sleeveless and oh yeah BRIGHT BLOODY ORANGE (plus the long wavy hair). Your S7 Veep Style posts are going to be SO LIT and I am here for it 😛

Ah, but the question is…will the Veep Style posts even be necessary any more – you’re all figuring this stuff out without my having to say it.

For reference, this is the dress Anon is referring to:

Couple of things I’ll flag – it’s a high-necked dress, but a boat neck, not a crew neck, which as a general rule is a more flattering shape for women (and even more so for women with any kind of noticeable bust). The colour is VERY bright – and I’m fairly confident we’ve never seen Amy wear orange before.

Red and pink are usually vulnerable colours for her, and orange is obviously in that colour-family…what I wonder is if she’s using it the way Selina uses red, as a way to feel powerful (this is just speculation, there’s no way to know until we see the costume in context). It would follow the pattern of Amy modelling herself a little on Selina, and orange does go well with the blue Dan seems to be wearing in every single behind the scenes shot.

Also, look how blinged-out she is. A heavy, large gold watch (I’m willing to bet that’s from Dan, he’s addicted to large watches), a heavy gold bracelet, and hoop earrings. That’s a big change from how the stud earrings and almost invisible pendants she used to wear.

I wonder about the hair. It could be styled, or it could be that Amy’s hair is like mine, and if she blow-dries it straight, it will inevitably start to curl again (my hair looks a lot like this two days after I’ve washed it, and not on purpose), in which case the apparently more styled look may actually be less work for her.

I can’t immediately see a resemblance to Kathleen Turner, but the only film of hers I’ve seen is Romancing the Stone, so…