Miss Amy Brookheimer with her hair curled, jewelry pippin and nice dress??


That green really is a fabulous colour on Anna Chlumsky.  (I will say, as a general rule, white people tend to look good in green – unlike yellow, or orange, say, which most of us palefaces should steer well away from).

I think there’s something mildly fascinating – if you me – in how hairstyles are coded in the show (though of course the show’s coding reflects an equally absurd one in general culture).  

When I was a teenager, the style was to have absolutely pin-straight hair – the kind of hair Amy sports all the time in Veep, and which is absurdly difficult to achieve if your hair isn’t naturally straight (I speak from painful experience on this point).  But, as time has gone on, and hair straighteners have become ubiquitous, fashion has shifted, and incredibly straight, sleek hair is no longer considered ‘sexy.’  Curls are sexy – but not natural curls (to my unending sadness).  No, women are expected to wear the kind of curls that are created only by first blowdrying the hair so it is straight and then curling it.  (Of course, this hairstyle is also absurdly difficult to achieve, for just about everyone – which is no doubt why it has become fashionable – it is artifice masquerading as something natural).

Now, Amy and I are roughly the same age, so what my little interlude tells you is that she hasn’t changed her hairstyle in any major way since she was in her teens.  Note, Selina didn’t wear her hair that way – she wore it in the de rigeur curled style (which makes me wonder if she had a stylist, or if Gary did it)…right up until she didn’t want to seem ‘sexy’ any more, and cut her hair into a short and straight style.  (All the other women in Veep wear their hair with some measure of curl – with Candi Caruso’s relaxed waves in particular being in sharp contrast to Amy.  Except for Sue, of course, whose hairstyle is even more straight and tied down than Amy’s – it’s not hard to guess why a black woman in a very white White House would feel an even greater push to project an image that is professional rather than ‘sexy.’)

And what’s more, I am willing to bet that Amy’s change to loose, curled hair is intended to signal some kind of character shift.  It’s a (very slightly) more subtle version of the scene where a character removes her glasses and everyone realises “she was beautiful all along!”

I see two possibilities.  Either it’s way for the show to signal that Amy is happy at last – through a change of look – or Dan has decided to make a doll of her, the same way he did with Jonah during the congressional campaign, and this is the result.