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It’s the fucking midterms.

Not talking about the midterms because…argh. It’s like the OPPOSITE of Christmas Eve, I’m scared to wake up, in case I get terrible news.

Selina displays what we now know to be an extremely rare level of decency about Amy’s Dad, sending her to see him on the midterms night, allowing her to duck out of the farming event to stay close to him…

And I can’t help but suspect that it’s Selina experiencing genuine empathy. The loss of her own father clearly marked her for life – leaving her with a mother who was cold and disapproving, depriving her of the little warmth and affection she had as a child.

In other words, Selina would probably give just about anything for more time with her father – and selfish and narcissistic and callous though she undoubtedly is, she doesn’t want Amy to feel like she missed some of the last moments she could have spent with her Dad.