Honesty time… how do YOU think the season is…

Honesty time… how do YOU think the season is going to end for Dan and Amy?

I could cheat on this answer and say read “You Were Always On My Mind” because it does contain many of my ideas for how the final season might be structured – in particular, a time jump here and there, Amy winding up pregnant with baby number 2, Dan and Amy not getting themselves sorted out until the climax of the political plot, and so on and so forth.

And I do think a second pregnancy is a strong possibility.

To explain my thinking here, one of the things Veep likes to do (though more so in the Mandel seasons), is confront characters with the same choices over and over. So we get Selina repeatedly sacrificing everything for a chance at power, we get Dan choosing between going it alone or being part of a team (and it’s worth noting here that every time he chooses to go it alone, and every time he’s better off with the team), and we get Amy choosing between Selina and any kind of personal life.

In season 2 she backs off from the possibility of a real relationship with Ed, choosing to focus on Selina’s campaign, in season 3 she ditches her boyfriend, betrays Dan, and achieves her goal as Selina’s campaign manager, in season 4 she abandons Dan and her possible partnership with him to go be with Selina, in season 5 she ditches Buddy to be with Selina…

And then in season 6, Amy decides to leave Selina to work with Dan (and, since she almost certainly knew that she was pregnant at that point, I think it’s safe to assume there was a romantic element to that choice). It is a significant break in the pattern.

Now, of course, BKD were going to work for Selina anyway, and Selina seems to have intended to keep Amy on board, so in a strange way, Amy’s choice (a major one for her as a character) is rendered redundant – all roads lead back to Selina. And at the very moment where Amy seems about to take that final step away from Selina…she’s interrupted by Catherine going into labour. Pregnancies ruin everything.

Similarly, with Dan, we’ve already SEEN him respond to Amy potentially being pregnant, all the way back in season 1. He is slap-worthy obnoxious about it, of course, but it’s notable that even back then his very first reaction was concern for Amy’s career (which he immediately covers with self-interest). His reaction in season six is already better than in season one, precisely because he doesn’t say anything (at least, not where Amy can hear him) (saving his reaction until he knew she was out of earshot is probably as close to decency as Dan gets).

Which is why I think a second pregnancy is highly likely. It repeats that cyclical structure that Mandel is fond of, and gives both characters an opportunity to demonstrate growth. It also seems at least possible to me that Dan is going to get another opportunity to choose between Amy and apparent career advancement, and this time he make the actual right choice. (What form that will take I’m not sure, but I think it’s a safe bet that sex will be part of it).

Now, caveat lector on all of this – there’s a very good chance that I’m wrong, and even if I’m right, it’s entirely possible that these things could play out in a way that’s blackly depressing rather than even vaguely romantic.

I’m not even close to infallible when it comes to this stuff. But that’s my guess – baby number two forcing them into acknowledging what’s between them once and for all, and, through some writers trickery, this coincide (or immediately precede) the climax of the political plot.

Also, if Amy actually throws the positive pregnancy test at Dan’s head, I think I will have a solid case for plagiarism!