Apologies if you've discussed this before…

Apologies if you've discussed this before, but how do you think Dan/Amy's relationship would've played out if Iannucci had stuck around?

Dear anon,

These answers may give you some idea of my thinking on that point.  That said, Dan and Amy’s relationship has – historically – been so intertwined with the unfolding of the broader political plot, that I think it’s hard to speculate about it in a vacuum.  As in, without knowing where Selina might have ended up, it’s difficult to come up with an idea for either of them.

The one thing I am confident about is that some kind of unplanned pregnancy scenario was always a likely possibility – they spend far too long on the subject in season 1 not to have intended to go back to it at some point.  Now, what that might have looked like with Iannucci I can’t imagine – Amy and Dan is the closest he’s ever come to writing a romantic relationship that is at least somewhat sincere.  Whatever else, Dan and Amy are genuinely attracted to each other, which is more than can be said for almost any other couple he’s written.  

On the other hand, I think Iannucci wrote Dan a little differently – slightly more intelligent in his callousness, and slightly less emotional.  To put it a different way, Mandel’s Dan is unequivocally more of an asshole, but I think he’s also less manipulative.  So it might have all played out very differently.