Have you ever thought of rewriting Dan and Amy…

Have you ever thought of rewriting Dan and Amy's relationship after season 4? I'd be interested in seeing what direction you think they should've gone in!

I can’t say that I have, though I suppose never say never. The way their relationship is so intertwined with the progress of the political plot makes it challenging to think about – in real life, Dan and Amy could have got together at any point in time, but in a television show, that’s a last season plot point. (Which is at least part of the reason for Amy’s one year interlude with Buddy)

Having said that, I’ve always been kind of sad that they didn’t take advantage of the potential of Selina dealing with a Veep who wasn’t from her own party. As in, rather than ending season 5 with Selina losing the Presidency, have her win it, but be stuck with a VP from the opposite party, who commits the grave offence of being more popular than her. (And maybe shift Tom James into that role, rather than being Selina’s running mate).

They could have had so much fun with that concept – just imagine the chaos of the two of them campaigning against each other for the midterms, or the VP trying to use Congress to force Selina to allow them to fulfil their constitutional role – or even Selina attempting to sabotage said VP’s primary campaign.

Where Dan and Amy end up in all of this is hard to say.

I always thought a pregnancy scare/actual pregnancy was a likely outcome for them (you can find me talking about it in a number of places), so I imagine that would come into play at some point. Now, I think Amy was always going to go back to Selina, but I’m not so sure about Dan – he spends a lot of season 5 trying to be anywhere else, and it’s not as though he has a longstanding relationship with Selina the way Amy does. So I could easily see him jumping ship to the new VP’s office and purposefully trying to sabotage Selina as a result.

I guess the question is what the fuck-up was likely to be – if you assume (which I do) that Dan needed to come dangerously close to losing Amy before learning to value her, than there has to be something. I just wouldn’t have it be Amy’s sister because 1) that’s gross and 2) it makes the impact so lasting – Amy will have a constant reminder of it so long as Sophie is in her life, which seems rather unfair.

I tend to think the show could have used Candi Caruso better, if they’d dug just a little more into why Amy finds her so threatening. Dan apparently replacing her with a new Girl Friday would be a way of bringing some of those issues to the surface, because I don’t think Amy would take it well at all.