Gary, Reid, Kevin, Anna and Tony filming today.

That’s a rather more form-fitting dress than Amy’s worn in quite some time – look how defined her waist is, and how the squared off shoulders combined with the plaid pattern make her look more physically imposing than she actually is.

It’s also the first time we’ve seen her with a v-neckline in a long, long time. Which may be a sign off increased confidence – she’s not covered up to within an inch of her life the way she was with Buddy (and also with Dan).

At the most basic level, Amy’s wrap and shirt dresses, with their long sleeves, high necklines, comparative shapelessness and pussy-bows, all indicated that she did not, under any circumstances, want someone (especially Buddy, and Dan, though to a lesser extent) touching her skin – whether because she was afraid of getting hurt or because the touch was unpleasant, we don’t know.

I think the gray in the check may be a match for Dan’s suit, though I wouldn’t want to swear to it. Either way, while the dark navy colour gives me pause, this is a much more declarative dress than anything we’ve seen so far.