Fandom ask for all things Marvel

Fandom ask for all things Marvel

my favorite female character

In the films, probably Black Widow – who should really be running the Avengers by now, as neither Cap or Iron Man can be trusted with the job. In the tv shows…there’s a lot more to choose from. Probably Daisy Johnson or Jessica Jones, but I could easily list a few more names.

my favorite male character

My favourite characters tend to be the ones who are more dynamic, because they make me think about them. As a result, while I find the MCU Cap extremely well constructed, I don’t find myself fascinated by him, and I remain irritated by the way Civil War framed his whole “it’s not fascism if I do it” position. As a result, while Peter Parker is definitely my favourite Avenger (I blame Infinity War), I’d say Tony Stark is far and away the most interesting Male character in the films. (I’d like this to be T’Challa – and he definitely has potential – but (and it’s no insult to Chadwick Boseman to say this) he was one of the less interesting aspects of his own film, so…).

In the tv shows, I would definitely go for Matt Murdock, though, as always, my patience for his giant bag of Catholic bullshit is limited. And for the love of god, keep him away from Elektra. I found that relationship less and less compelling the more time was spent on it, and part of that was the growing conviction that these characters should definitely not be together, and were probably only enabling each other’s worst tendencies. (Violence aside, Matt projected his need to ‘save’ people onto Elektra – irrespective of whether she wanted saving – and she seemed to have transferred her need for Stick’s approval onto Matt, and outsourcing self-respect is never a good move for anyone).

my favorite book/season/etc

I think the best achievements are probably either the Winter Soldier or the first Avengers film (there are so many moving parts to it, it’s a miracle it works – and Whedon’s treatment of Bruce Banner is a lot more surefooted than anything the character has had since. I think they’ve been coasting on Mark Ruffalo’s charm a lot). I’d like to say Black Panther – if only because the production design, with its cohesive vision of a prosperous, advanced, distinctly African future felt so revolutionary – but as film, I think it suffers from the characters being sketched in – very few of them are more than mouthpieces for political positions the film needs to have expressed, and I think that is a fundamental handicap. There’s a reason Killmonger almost walked away with the film, and it’s because he was one of the only characters who felt like a fully realised person (albeit a pretty terrible one).

my favorite episode (if its a tv show)

Episode: probably Agents of Shield…the one where Daisy and Simmons realise everyone else is an LMD. I can’t remember the name of it. But Simmons’ confrontation with Fitz – not to mention LMD Coulson’s with LMD May – was surprising emotional, as well as chilling, and Daisy doing her best Linda Hamilton was incredibly satisfying.

my favorite cast member

…I don’t know. I don’t really follow them in interviews. Maybe Chris Hemsworth, if only for having the guts to play the dumb blonde secretary in Ghostbusters.

my favorite ship

Peggy/Steve, by a country mile. It’s an interesting example of how actors don’t necessarily need to be on screen together to convey that they’re in love – both Peggy and Steve get moments when they’re completely alone that illustrate the depth of their feelings for one another. It also helps here, I think, that Peggy is far away the best drawn character of any of the love interests, many of whom are quite shallowly written – and Chris Evans having genuine chemistry with Hayley Atwell (even when she’s playing a ninety year old) also helps. (The scene in the Winter Soldier where she thinks she’s seeing him for the first time all over again breaks my hair every time).

I also root for Fitzsimmons in Agents of Shield, without necessarily finding their dynamic terribly interesting – it’s noteworthy that all their obstacles are external to the characters. And I think Matt and Karen in Daredevil have a lot of potential, if they ever manage to talk about their mutual fucked up baggage, because between the two of them, there is a lot of it.

a character I’d die defending

Okoye. Not that she’d need it mind you, but still. She is wonderful and glorious and filled me with joy every time she was on-screen. And her costume is fabulous. More please.

a character I just can’t sympathize with

I have very, very little patience for Loki and his giant bag of bullshit. Magneto’s “I have suffered greatly and will therefore commit genocide” scthick is one I lost sympathy for very quickly, and Loki has even less justification. The way the fandom excepts hurtful family dynamics as an excuse for mass murder always surprises me.

a character I grew to love

Spider-Man. I had never been a particular fan of the character – he was kind of fine, I guess, as far as I was concerned – but Tom Holland’s performance won me all the way over. There aren’t many actors who can pull off that quality of earnestness without becoming grating, so I think he deserves serious credit.

my anti otp

Steve and Sharon. Does anyone like them? The actors have little to no chemistry, Emily van Camp was given almost nothing to work with in her performance, and the sense of him using her as a replacement goldfish for Peggy is quite unappealing.

They also seem to have lost sight of one of Steve’s most attractive traits – how openly admiring and impressed he is by tough women. He knew perfectly well that Peggy was stronger than him in many ways, and was more attracted to her for that reasons. Having all of Sharon’s best moments happen entirely out of his view (and apparently without his knowledge) was a pretty poor choice.

Steve and Sharon I think is ninety percent a writing problem – it could be made to work if the director had made different choices, though having an actress who Chris Evans 1) had chemistry with, and 2) was closer in age – but Vision and Scarlett Witch bore me to tears. Chemistry can be a tricky thing to define, but Paul Bettant and Elizabeth Olson definitely do not have it.

Creating credible romantic relationships is not one of the Russo Brothers strengths.