Time jump and no baby bump. Is there still a c…

Time jump and no baby bump. Is there still a chance they might not have the baby?

I have two answers to this, one of which will make you feel better and one of which won’t.

1. The time jump looks to be to the first of the primary debates, and I think some of the pics had posters or something that said they were in Iowa. Now, from what I remember of the primary process (and Americans correct me on this if I’m wrong), they’re unlikely to start the primary debates before November, October at the very earliest. And Amy’s due in late July/early August. So, there’s no reason she WOULD have a baby bump at that point in time.

2. That said, is it possible that they/Amy decide not to have the baby? I have to say yes.

I think it’s unlikely, mind you. I really doubt Amy would have told Dan anything unless her mind was well and truly made up, so the idea that she’d flip and decide to have an abortion AFTER telling him seems very out of character.

It is also possible that Amy miscarried. Miscarriages are extremely common – of the women I know who’ve been pregnant, more of them have had miscarriages than haven’t – and while the likelihood steadily diminishes as pregnancy progresses, it is always a possibility. I really, really don’t think they’ll take that option. It would land Dan and Amy in such a complicated emotional place, and it would be so hard to make a woman losing a baby she very much wants, and suffering the attendant physical and emotional pain, even remotely funny…that, well, put it this way, I’d never write it.

Miscarriage and the necessity of access to abortion for women who discover a fatal abnormality in the fetus is something I have been wishing would be discussed more in popular culture, because it is a tragic (and tragically common) experience that really isn’t talked about much. But I have grave doubts about Veep’s ability to manage any plot that emotionally delicate (that said, I’ll happily be proved wrong on this).