So I got to thinking and I know you will suppo…

So I got to thinking and I know you will support my crazy 😜 lol. So when we leave the veep cast at the end of season 6, Selina is announcing that she will run for president in the next two or so years at the Madison Monroe dinner. Yet, the tag Catherine is wearing says “presidential primary debates”. So do you think we can assume that we have time jumped about two or so years?!

Looks like someone cracked the code!!!

Honestly, I wanted to wait and see how filming played out to get an idea of what they were going to do with this season because from what my screenwriting class and I saw, they had ANOTHER way the story might’ve gone but looks like they’re going with the original route and I’m VERY excited for it!!

So yes, there’s a jump to the future and some things have happened!! 👀👏🏾