Beta needed

Hey guys,

so in the past I’ve started a Dan/Amy fic, but nothing came of it, only this time I’m really dead set about this idea I have and really want to write it out.

It’s probably gonna be a oneshot, not too long, and since I’m shit at caring about anything other than my ship (and also have zero clue about politics, let alone American), it will revolve around the Dan/Amy storyline solely (with a couple of other characters from the show).

I could really use one of you to beta, since this will be my first fanfic in about 3-4 years, my first fanfic dedicated to fictional characters since… I don’t know, when was LOST S3? Also, English is not my native tongue and I haven’t written properly in years, and I’m scared to death to write it.

Just a heads up, it’ll be a sad one.

Any takers?