head: things between dan and amy will probably have an unsatisfactory ending because Mandel is evil and doesn’t care about the characters on veep just because they are unapologetic assholes

heart: if dan and amy aren’t endgame I will cry to the point of dehydration and force myself into an oasis like hallucination of a good ending for them

My position on this is that I want a RESOLVED ending, because the notion of Dan playing headgames with Amy and their child in perpetuity is just too depressing to contemplate, and I want a moment where they both acknowledge what is going on between them ON screen. So much of Dan’s development, in particular, has been either off screen or merely hinted at, that I feel we are owed that much at least – I want to know what his feelings actually are, instead of having to…make deductions.

Anything else will be a bonus.