Mandel's version of Dan/Amy reads similar…

Mandel's version of Dan/Amy reads similarly to Chuck/Blair imo and it makes me worry about what horrible things he could do them next season

I think there is one way in which this true, and many, many more in which it isn’t, so I really wouldn’t worry too much.

The chief similarity I can see is that they have – to an extent – tied Amy’s sense of self-worth to Dan’s feelings for her, in a similar way to Chuck and Blair. However, I’d argue that Buddy’s behaviour was just as influential in that regard, and Amy has already shown more gumption than Blair in making the decision to cut Dan out of her life and sticking to it for more than a year. There was never a point where Blair would have been capable of that.

Furthermore, while I think Dan’s treatment of women is APPALLING, I don’t think we can emphasise enough that Dan is NOT a rapist. That is a huge difference between the two characters – and what’s more, from what we’ve seen on the show, I don’t think Dan would ever be capable of rape. He gets off on being desired, on making women (and especially Amy) WANT him, usually against their better judgement. Whatever addiction to power Dan may have, I think it’s clear it doesn’t take the form of coercing women sexually.

Dan is also not physically abusive, which Chuck certainly was, and I think it’s unlikely he would ever become so. It’s worth noting that he doesn’t tend to touch Amy as a way of exerting dominance – if anything he touches her as a form of comfort or to encourage her to focus. (He also has no qualms about imposing himself physically on other MEN, but seems to have a clear red line when it comes to women).

Finally, the most poisonous aspect of Chuck and Blair’s relationship, to my mind, was the way he tried to make her responsible for his mistreatment of her – blaming her for going to the hotel, for playing all his little mind games – and in particular the way in which his pain and grief at being such a terrible partner became yet another burden that Blair had to deal with.

Dan is a TERRIBLE person, but he does not do that. He does not blame Amy for his worst mistake – sleeping with Sophie – by, for instance, telling her she should have made a move at the bar, or have told him her sister was off-limits. He doesn’t exactly take responsibility for it himself mind you, preferring to duck the subject entirely, but he doesn’t try to deflect it onto Amy.

Dan’s sense of entitlement to Amy is GROSS, and the way he hides behind his own awfulness as a way of never having to express his feelings, while gleefully enjoying every opportunity to force her to reveal hers, is incredibly unpleasant, but…unlike Chuck, Dan has shown signs of being capable of genuine change. They are few and far between – I won’t deny it – but they are there. It’s impossible to imagine the Dan of season 1 signing up to be part of a COLLECTIVE venture with Ben and Kent – and while his need to have Amy work with him is a long-standing trait, it’s hard to picture him turning starry-eyed with ANY woman because she’d had sex with him earlier on in the show.