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It’s not awful. It’s you. It couldn’t be awful.
Dan loves me for me.

#in this essay I will discuss the bind the s6 gg writers faced#once discovering that with the dan x blair relationship#they stumbled into a dynamic they had no desire to play out#and facing a failed redemption arc with the person they wanted to pair blair with#they opted for the exact opposite#rather than spend any additional time on growth redemption or maturity#they opted for what I wall call a ‘mass destruction arc’#where instead they made dan into a selfish sociopathic deluded asshole#and blair into an aimless ambitionless monster#it’s the ‘if they go high we’ll go low’ method#if they can’t redeem a character they’ll destroy everyone else#and then you have a bouquet of assholes and no one cares what happens to any of them#it’s a little more intentional than what the himym writers did#but just as misguided imho (via @nevertothethird)

By the end of Gossip Girl I genuinely didn’t know which relationship creeped me out more – Chuck and Blair with the possessiveness, objectification and undercurrents of abuse, or Dan and Serena, with Dan having brutally manipulated Serena for years on end, and her apparently being okay with that (had he ended up with Blair, mind you, the implications would have been JUST as creepy, as it’s not like Gossip Girl was particularly decent to her either). Not to mention that Serena sleeping with Blair’s boyfriend – AGAIN, and purposefully this time – ought to have been relationship-ended under any vaguely normal circumstances.