Dan in casual clothes has me REELING. This has…

Dan in casual clothes has me REELING. This has happened a couple of times on the show, but what do you think it means for season 7?

Dear anon, have you ever read the Boyfriend Candle post?  Because, if you haven’t, I suggest clicking that link immediately – you will be taken on a journey.


Slightly more seriously, the big, strong man who smells nice, can lift heavy things with ease and is gentle with his girlfriend is evidently an extremely seductive fantasy for a lot of people – and in the post I linked to above, it is explicitly linked to wearing casual clothes, and especially plaid.  (I, of course, am entirely above such notions).

In other words, I’d be willing to bet the costume designer knew exactly what she was doing when she dressed Reid Scott like that.  The plaid shirt (I’m using plaid out of deference to American readers, though it’s obviously a tartan – possibly Black Watch Tartan judging by the colours) is also a lot more… I’m not sure what the word I’m looking for here is…textured?  In comparison to his usual suits, all crisp lines, blocky shapes and sharp angles, Dan looks far more like someone you could reach out and touch – it softens him up a bit.

As for what it means, my best guess is that it marks some kind of divergence from Amy – she wears formal office wear even for a walk by a lake, so Dan wears more casual clothes than we usually see him in.  (Though he’s still Dan – note the enormous watch).  There’s also an odd thing where… I swear Reid Scott looks bigger than he does in suits – maybe because suits are all one colour, and jeans and a shirt invariably aren’t? – which is another way of underlining the difference with tiny little Amy.  (I also note that the permastubble is making another appearance).

All told, I don’t think they’re communicating well here, if the costuming is anything to go by.  (That or Amy has a lumberjack fantasy and Dan knows about it, and is trying to manipulate her).