wait what’s this about amy in a pink dre…

wait what’s this about amy in a pink dress?

Sorry anon, I didn’t mean that to be confusing.

But since the previous anon commented that everytime they saw Selina in red they wondered what I was thinking, I thought of one of the other noteworthy observations I made back in the very first Veep Style post – which is that when Amy wears pink or red, unlike with Selina (who uses those colours to feel powerful) it’s usually a sign of vulnerability, and especially romantic vulnerability.

As in, if seeing Selina in red sets off a Pavlov reflex, I don’t know what seeing Amy in pink will do.

And, of course, not long after I said that, we were shown a photo of Amy in a pink version of the Tee-Shirt of Sexual Frustration.  So far as I am aware, no one has lost their minds over that.  Yet.