*Fanfiction Writer Appreciation Day*

Instagram AU + ’Only Fools Rush In’ by @thebookofmaev

Awww…the picture of Emily is so sweet.  Especially as, in my head, Emily is one hundred percent a brat.  Just a brat that Amy and Dan adore in their own deeply messed up ways.

I should also say that Amy worrying about her ‘size’ was for me very much a symptom of how exhausted and aware of her body she was feeling because of the pregnancy – as in, at say four-and-a-half to six-seven months in, she’s much less self-conscious, because she wasn’t suffering as much from morning sickness or exhaustion or cravings as she had been earlier on.  She’s not being constantly reminded that she’s pregnant, strange though that may sound, so she worries about it less.