maybe im being silly but ive noticed that so f…

maybe im being silly but ive noticed that so far amys been wearing mostly flats lately flats which is a far cry from her usual 4 inch stilletto situation– are they trying to indicate something or am i over reaching

Hmm…bear in mind, most of the photos we’ve seen are behind the scenes shots.  And I think it’s fairly common for actresses – especially actresses who have to wear four inch stiletto heels on camera – to have a spare pair of comfortable shoes handy for when they’re not filming. (I know why they put Amy and Selina in sky-high heels all the time, but it’s one of those details that’s always niggled me – women who have to spend hours at a time on their feet, as virtually all politicians do, almost never wear shoes like that, because it would be impossible to function).  So the shoes Anna Chlumsky’s wearing may not be the shoe Amy’s wearing in the show itself – she may change right before filming, or maybe they stick her on a box for scenes with Reid Scott, or…who knows.  Film-makers have a lot of tricks for this kind of thing.

That said… Amy really doesn’t wear flat shoes all that often.  The only occasions I can think of where we see them are in 4.08 and 5.02 with Dan, and in 6.04, when she comes back to work with Selina.  On all three occasions it seems to indicate a level of comfort – that she doesn’t feel the need to ‘present’ herself in a particular way.  (To be clear, we can’t often see Amy’s feet – and the height difference between her and Dan is so big that even if she is wearing high heels, he’s still a good seven inches taller than her).  

But, that could indicate multiple things.  Maybe Amy’s so fucked off and angry with Dan that she simply doesn’t care any more, can’t be bothered to maintain the sexy-girl image with him now that she’s pregnant – in which case, dressing in ways he dislikes / doesn’t find appealing becomes a kind of power move.  Maybe she’s suffering from swollen ankles and can’t bear the thought of wearing high heels (though I think that’s more likely later on in the pregnancy).  Maybe she spends the first few episodes of the show wound up and constantly on the verge of tears, and the film-makers are making her look smaller (especially in relation to Dan) to play up the sense that she’s vulnerable.

Point being, it’s impossible to know until we see the finished product, so… everything I just wrote is speculation.