dan and amy seem to be attached to the hip thi…

dan and amy seem to be attached to the hip this season its like s4 we never knew we wanted

In the nicest possible way, I’d warn against getting too excited at this stage. They’ve only been filming for…two or three days, maybe, and whatever pics we see are only going to represent a tiny percentage of the whole.

Not to mention that most of the pics are very obviously behind-the-scenes and therefore not representative of what will be in the show – we can tell because Anna Chlumsky looks relaxed and happy and like she’s enjoying herself, which Amy only very rarely looks like when she’s with Dan (and with everything they have to sort out, I would be…surprised if she was in such a mental state this early on in the show) – unsurprisingly, as, by all accounts Reid Scott is a much, much nicer person than Dan (not that it would be hard, mind you). Seriously, when have we ever seen Amy be so at ease with Dan that she’ll let him put his arm around her or cuddle up to him?

More to the point the showrunners KNOW that the audience is invested in Dan and Amy getting together – so OF COURSE they’re going to use that narrative hook to get people excited about the show coming back.

That’s not to say it’s not exciting to see (I say, having analysed Amy’s costumes in depth), but I wouldn’t assume anything about the actual content of the show at this point. It seems more like a promotional tool than anything else.