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My Parents™️

To add to @wecouldstillbegreat’s great point about Amy possibly using patterns to hide her bump, I’d just point out that that is probably the brightest, most saturated colour we’ve seen Amy wear in a long time – quite possibly since season 4. That said, we’re still look at a high neckline and long sleeves, so there’s a definite defensive element at work.

And she is wearing a LOT of blue in these scenes – possibly to coordinate better with Dan, possibly to tie her to him because it’s usually his colour, and possibly, of course, because blue is traditionally associated with expectant mothers (though it’s usually lighter than this). They really are perfectly coordinated here (and I’m liking the new trend for Dan to skip a tie…though not the America pin, heavens no, he’d never skip that, people might think he wasn’t patriotic).

Side note, is Amy blonder than last year?