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I spy Dan’s and Amy’s rooms. Also, ugh, Sophie. She better stay far away from Iowa – and Dan!

I wonder what the significance of “hard ceiling area” is – sounds like they’re building all the sets, so I wonder if they have to specify the ceilings in advance (though it seems unlikely to me that they could know in advance whether or not a ceiling would be likely to show up in the shot – that said I don’t know much about the technicalities of these things).

Sophie Facetime area would seem to indicate that we see someone talking to Sophie over Facetime, either from her point of view or theirs – which… by far the most likely person in that scenario has to be Amy, right?  (In other words, I think we can rest assured that she will not actually be in Iowa).  What I’m wondering is whether this is how Sophie works out who the Daddy is, because Dan is lurking in the background or something.

As someone who learned about these things from watching behind the scenes stuff on Alien, I’m guessing they know that that they will have the ceiling the shots to emphasize a “walls closing in feeling” for Selina and/or members of her team.  Or maybe a gag about a leak or the power being irregular. (Something with similar metaphorical reasons.)

If someone other than Amy is Facetiming with Sophie, it will be really surprising.

Thinking about it further, the more people are in the shot, the more likely it is ceilings will show up – to get say Reid Scott and Julia Louis-Dreyfus in the same shot (in a group scene) means the camera will have to be set back a bit – whereas a scene that’s just a two-hander can be shot closer in. And the more ceilings show up the more you create that…bunker feeling. In some ways, I suspect Veep is shot very like Downfall, and you do occasionally see a similar, hysterical mentality at play.

For what it’s worth, I wonder if Amy’s calling Sophie for pregnancy advice – the “is this normal?” questions. She’d hate to do it, but I doubt Amy has many other female friends, so she probably doesn’t have many options.

If the person with whom Sophie is on FaceTime with is Amy, I hope that’s not the situation. I need confirmation that Amy has done as much as possible to cut Sophie out of her life as possible, which would limit the interaction to something like reaching out with news about their parents and probably trying to chastise Amy for being unavailable to them. If she’s talking to someone other than Amy, I hope it’s something completely out of left field like she’s friends with Leon isn’t that a strange coincidence? (Is it?)

I tend to doubt Amy was able to cut Sophie out of her life as completely as she seems to have done with Dan.

Once they were no longer working together it would have been very, very easy for her to avoid him – all she had to do was ignore his messages, because at that point there was nothing that meant she HAD to see him. (None of this had actually changed when Amy moved to New York, which is why I’m so curious about how she ended up going for a drink with him). Admittedly, the show hasn’t filled us in on this point much, so a lot of this is speculation, but I tend to think she started ignoring him almost immediately after they left the White House. Dan can be a dog at a bone when he wants something, but I suspect he had a fit of pique when he realised he was being ignored in favour of BUDDY, and stopped trying – on the assumption that Amy would inevitably come crawling to him back sooner or later. And it seems that he didn’t find out that Amy was planning to marry Buddy until AFTER the dashcam footage went viral, at which point the writing was well and truly on the wall.

I don’t think it would have been possible for Amy to freeze Sophie out anywhere near as effectively. She’s family after all, so even though Amy was in Nevada, some level of contact was probably inevitable – say when Amy announced her engagement, or when their father had his heart attack (assuming I’m right and that was between the two seasons).

That’s not to say Amy wouldn’t have… minimised her interactions with Sophie where she could, just that complete isolation would have been impossible. And Amy saw her family so rarely when she was working in the White House, that Sophie may not have actually realised she was being ignored (she seems very self-absorbed, if the way she jokes to Amy about Dan in the Thanksgiving episode is anything to go by) – it would have been a case of Amy not taking the opportunity to spend more time with her when she could, rather than reducing their (likely already minimal) interactions.

Buddy may have been attractive almost as much as an escape from her family as from Dan, which is a rather depressing thought. (And reminds me, again, that I’m curious what her parents think of all this).